My version of the facts: A real life story


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  • Publisher: Profounder (22 August , 2017)
  • Publication Date: 22 August , 2017

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Ngounou, at the age of ten, was repeatedly raped by some members of her family. On that day a child died, a future and a dream were corrupted. How did little Ngounou manage to find her way through life despite her trauma?
My version of the story is a subtle blend of novel and autobiographical story.
The author reveals in her book, the different aspects of the life of a young African woman whose personality was influenced by sad events which occurred during her childhood.
Carine Laure MAMBOU METIEFENG was born on September 7, 1984. She began studies in mathematics, finance and accounting, and business communication. Carine devotes her time to her career, to her passions of media and writing, and finally, to her family life.


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